Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 30 Day Raw Challenge


Okay! So..I started out the morning with a green smoothie with spinach, a banana, strawberries, raw cocao powder, a date and flax seed.


Raw Revolution organic live food bar - Cashew & Agave Nectar Yum!!
These can be found at Whole Foods or online at


Spinach salad with tomatoes, pine nuts and dried cranberries. Follow Your Heart vegan honey mustard salad dressing.

Evening Snack

An Apple

Fruit is a complex carb. Carbs are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They provide energy to our bodies in the form of glucose. There are simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs are crap! These provide our bodies with quick energy and are made up of sugar and are found in white, processed foods such as cookies, cakes, flour, white pasta, white rice, etc.
Complex carbs provide long-lasting energy and are comprised of starch and fiber.
Fruit supplies our bodies with fiber, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and cancer-fighting tannins and flavonoids oh and water. Fruit hydrates the body and aids in cleansing, detoxifying, and eliminating.


I went to Yoga by Olga here in Vegas. It's and hour and a half of gentle yoga but feels anything BUT gentle to my un-flexible body!! I felt like a pretzel but I love Olga's class. She studied in India and is the best here in the Valley. Yoga by Olga's number if you're local is 702-735-3135


Dinner was Mac & Cheese!! A yummy raw version of the old classic comfort food. The cheese sauce is made from Cashews that were soaked for 2 hours and the noodles are made from yellow squash. I heated it up for 2 hours (while I was in yoga) in the dehydrator.Certain nuts need to be soaked in water in order to release enzyme inhibitors. Enzymes prevents the nuts from sprouting prematurely but are hard on our digestive systems. Soaking nuts in warm water neutralize enzyme inhibitors and help encourage the productive of beneficial enzymes.

Also, let me mention DRINK WATER!! The rule of thumb is half your body weight in water EVERY DAY!! And I don't mean SODA!! Don't even get me started on nasty ass soda!! The book Skinny Bitch calls soda liquid Satan. I agree. Soda is full of sugar which makes you fat. Cancer is also attracted to sugar. Diet soda is no better. It contains Aspartame which has been blamed for arrthritis, birth defects, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's, lupus, MS, and diabetes. A better alternative is organic caffeine-free tea.
Tea is known for it's anti-aging and antibacterial qualities and is known for fighting cancer, fighting allergies, and lowering blood pressure. GET OFF CAFFEINE!! YOU DON'T NEED IT!! Caffeine can cause headaches, digestive problems, irritation of the stomach and bladder, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Gee, sounds like something I want to drink! NOT!! If you think you NEED it to wake up, WAKE UP!! You don't NEED anything!! Try taking a shower!!!
According to Skinny Bitch, coffee equals fat cells.It also makes your breath smell like ass! Coffee beans are grown with chemical pesticides such as D-D-7 which has been banned in the U.S. but is still used in other pparts of the world including where coffee beans come from!! So, you're starting your day with poison. Yippee!!

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